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Organization, Missions and Projects

School organization

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Missions and Projects

AEFE Accreditation

The Ecole Française de Bâle has been accredited demonstrating the following compliance criteria:

  • compliance to the curriculum established by the French ministry of National Education;
  • live teaching, mostly given in French;
  • presence of French students;
  • presence of teachers certified by the French ministry of National Education;
  • teachers’ participation to continuous training;
  • compliance to the principles of schools governance and management;
  • school building and equipment adapted to the teaching standards, including safety rules.


Other criteria appreciated for the accreditation: a school project consisting in reforming the teaching approach, the organization of the life at school, taking into consideration students challenges and elements related to the management and the governance of the school status.



When our students reach the end of the school years at the Ecole Française de Bâle, they join the best schools of the cross-border Basel area, such as the Lycée Franco-Allemand in Freiburg, the Collège des Missions de Blotzheim, the Don Bosco de Landser, as well as the public secondary schools in Hegenheim or Saint-Louis, and the Collège Jeanne D’Arc or Jean XXIII in Mulhouse.

Some other students choose bilingual schools such as ISB or SIS, or join the public schools of the Canton of Basel, or the Collège Saint Charles in Porrentruy. Furthermore, our 6th grade (6eme), created since the start of the 2020/2021 school year, will allow from September 2022 a direct access to the swiss secondary school system in Basel without any entrance exam.


Linguistic and educational projects

The students contribute to many projects all along the school year. Focused on langauges, and on the education to the environment and living together, these projects allow to live the learnings in a local context and to reuse them during the calss time. Inter-school sports gatherings offer to the students the opportunity to be confronted to others.


Organization chart


Direction & administration
School Principal : Frédéric FOURT
Accounting : Gérard Bouele
Secretariat Maternelle & Crèche : Caroline Klein
Secretariat Elementary School : Anne-Sophie Ringenbach
Pedagogical Assistant : Pauline Lazies


Section Daycare
Teachers : Laura GEISS
Annaëlle BAY
Teachers assistants : Marie COUVE
Jacqueline RUTSCHY
Camille AUBLE


Section Maternelle
Teachers and Assistants for the Maternelle : Petits : Sophie JENN, Sophie MASSERDOTTI, Laurence BENOIT
Moyens : Céline KERN, Jessica HERBST, Tania WEISS
Grands : Eliette CUCHE, Julie SCHWARZROCK, Jean-Pierre PESSOTTO
German teacher : Mélanie NIGLIS
Music teacher : Aurore BREUILLOT
Supervision, Canteen, Maintenance : Véronique BENADDI
Marine WIDLINCamille FOLTZ
Section Elementary

Teachers: CP : Marc SCHNEIDER et Océane HAESSIG
CE1 : Dominique LERAY
CE2 : Valérie MULLER
CM1-CM2 : Florence CAUSSIN et Anne ZUSSY6ème : professeur principal, Florence CAUSSIN
German teachers: Antje GHANAM

Valérie MULLER

Mélanie NIGLIS

Laura REY



English teachers : Hajnalka MOGGS
Music teacher : Aurore BREUILLOT
Choir teacher : Aurore BREUILLOT
Canteen supervisor : Claudia GIRALDO

Caroline PUIG


Committee of Société de l'Ecole Française de Bâle, elected on 15 December 2021
President : Sonia REGENASS
Vice-President : Cédric ANDRÉ
Treasurer: Karim Melliti
Secretary: Anne Ponton
Members: Alexandra LEJEUNE et Sabine WEHREN
Representative of the Parents Council : Laurent Cayet
Members : M. Alain STERBIK, Consul Général de France à Zürich
M. Renaud LALLEMENT, Conseiller de Coopération et d’Action Culturelle
M. Nicolas FELD-GROOTEN, Inspecteur d’Académie, Directeur des Services Départementaux de l’Education Nationale du Haut-Rhin


Parents Council, elected on 8 October 2021

Representative of the Parents Council : Laurent CAYET
Membres of the Parents Council :  Lubna AMROUN
Guillaume GENIX
Founded in 1884, Ecole Française de Bâle is the only school in the canton approved by the Agence de l’Enseignement Français à l’Etranger (AEFE) and is also controlled by the Basel-Stadt Ministry of Education and the Strasbourg Academy.

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