Introduction to the 6th grade

Developing critical thinking, reflection, a sense of observation, an appetite for experiences, creation and imagination. Go deeper into each subject. Acquire rigor.

The 6th grade at the French School of Basel

Our 6th grade has been opened since the start of the school year of 2020. It has obtained the homologation of the French National Education and of the AEFE (Agency for French Scools Abroad): it offers an official program and guarantees to its students a smooth integration in any public secondary school in France and worldwide, thanks to the AEFE network.

Since 2021-2022, our 6th grade has also obtained the homologation  by the department of education of Basel-Stadt, which means that from the start of the school year 2022, any of our students can directly access the Swiss school system in the secondary school without an entrance exam.


The 6th grade is the last year of the 3rd cycle – the consolidations cycle – starting in the 4th grade (CM1 at the Elementary school).

From then on, each topic is taught by a dedicated teacher. Topics are taught with more depth, more rigor is expected.

The topics taught in 6th grade are :

  • French
  • Mathematics
  • History
  • Geography
  • Sciences
  • Physical education
  • German
  • English
  • Arts
  • Music

At the French School of Basel, – school recognised for its international section in German, German is taught not only during linguistic classes, but also through non linguistic classes, such as geography, sciences, history for a total of 7 hrs a week.

English is also taught in non linguistic classes for a total of 4 hrs a week.

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Timetable 6th grade

In the Swiss school system in Basel, the 6th grade still belongs to the elementary school: therefore, our students who attended our 6th grade at the French School of Basel can directly access the first year of a secondary school in Basel. The marks obtained by the students will define the orientation A, E or P in the Swiss secondary school system.

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A human-sized school

A team composed of 5 teachers approved by the National Education Department and a pedagogical assistant.

Proximity and communication between students,
parents and teachers

Premises in the heart of the Gellert district with an outdoor playground, library and canteen.

Focus on languages

From the 1st grade, 6 hours of German and 2 hours of English per week in all classes of the Elementary school. Students are grouped by level of competence

Possibility to obtain a certification in German (Goethe Institute), English (Cambridge) and French (FLE) for French-speaking students.

Reinforcement of french and support in learning for non-French-speaking and French-speaking students through personalized workshops

School workshops in English and German are open to all students, bilingual and not bilingual

Educational workshops

Cultural field trips (museum, exhibition, theatre, concert, according to educational projects)

Sports activities (initiation to various activities, endurance training, inter school tournaments…), nature discovery (orientation day…)

Music: a music teacher intervenes in the classes every week

Weekly computer courses

More information and registration

What are the registration procedures ?
When are the school holidays at the Ecole Française de Bâle ?
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