"Air de Vacances"

The EFDB holiday camp during school holidays

Spring camp

Every day from 8am to 6pm, in the preschool premises.

April 23 to 27 : Among Incas

Monday, April 23 : Masks – The Spielfeld just for us, Realization of an Inca mask
Tuesday, April 24 : Discovering the Incas – Visit of the Museum of Cultures, picnic and games
Wednesday, April 25 : Pop Corn and Cinema – Film “KUZKO”, outdoor games
Thursday, April 26 : Lamas – Lamas watching, picnic and games at the Zoo
Friday, April 27 : Cooking workshop – Making Incan cocoa bites and quinoa patties

April 30 to May 4 (except May 1st) : In Spring

Monday, April 30 : Grasshopper – Realization of a wooden grasshopper, outdoor jumping games
Tuesday, May 1st : BANK HOLIDAY
Wednesday, May 2 : Pop Corn and Cinema – Film “Funny little animals”, games in the park
Thursday, May 3 : At the farm – Visit the farm, picnic and games
Friday, May 4 : Cooking workshop – Spring roll making