Varied, balanced and tasteful meals !
Meals are an integral part of the school’s educational project.
This is an important time during which children develop their learning of taste and benefit from the nutritional intake necessary for their growth.

Each meal includes:

  1. A cold or warm starter
  2. A main dish with vegetables, carbs and meat.
  3. Cheese or yoghurt.
  4. Fruit or dessert.

The menus, prepared by a caterer, are diverse, balanced and adapted to the nutritional needs of children within their age range. Fruits and vegetables are chosen according to the season as much as possible.

A particular inclination is brought to the hygiene. The supervisors ensure that children wash their hands before eating. A tooth brushing is also organized.





“The meals served in the canteen are a tribute to the French culinary culture with traditional and tasty recipes that children love! My children often tell me about this time of conviviality between noon and two. The menus of the week are balanced and I am serene during the school week as I didn’t have to worry about picking up my children at school for lunch time. It’s a real feast and a real time saver.”

Parent Testimony