Missions & Projects

of the École Française de Bâle

Missions & Projects

AEFE Homologation

The AEFE (Association des Etablissements Français de l’Etranger, i.e. Association for the French Schools Abroad) is the public vehicle working under the umbrella of the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs that coordinates the network of the French schools abroad, commonly called “French schools”.  At the start of the 2022/2023 school year, this network gathers 552 schools with an homologation in 138 countries: being part of a school belonging to the AEFE network means to be sure to find a French school following the same curriculum anywhere in the world

The French School of Basel is subject to an homologation procedure guaranteeing the following criteriae: 

  • compliance of the teaching to the curriculum defined by the French Ministry of National Education:
  • teaching provided mostly in French:
  • presence of French students;
  • presence of teachers recognized by the French Ministry of National Education (and/or contractors teachers or teachers recognized by private schools in France under contract) and qualified school personnel locally hired;
  • participation to teachers continuous training;
  • respect of schools governance and management principles;
  • buildings and equipment adapted to pedagogical demands with the respect of safety rules.

Other criteriae appreciated for the homologation: a school project, the implementation of pedagogical reforms, school life organisation rules, taking into consideration students’ challenges and management, compliance and school statute aspects, 


After attending the French School of Basel, students can join the best schools of the bordering countries such as the Lycée Franco-Allemand de Freiburg, the Collège des Missions de Blotzheim or Don Bosco de Landser, as well as the public secondary schools in Hegenheim and Saint-Louis ainsi, the middle schools Jeanne D’Arc or Jean XXIII in Mulhouse. Other students choose bilingual curriculums in German and English offered by the ISB or SIS, or join the Basel Stadt public schools, or the Saint Charles middle school in Porrentruy. Besides, our 6th grade, created since the school year 2020/2021, has allowed since September 2022 a direct access to the secondary school system in Basel Stadt, without an entrance exam. 

Lastly, the AEFE homologation allows all students coming from an homologated school to continue their curriculums in any other French school (provided there are available spots) without an entrance exam, in France and in the entire AEFE network around the world.

Linguistic and educative projects 

Students contribute to many projects throughout the school year. Focused on languages, environmental education, living together, these projects allow to experience the learning in a local context nd to reuse them in the classroom. Sports gatherings between schools give children the opportunity to confront themselves to others.

Founded in 1884, the École Française de Bâle is the only school in the North West of Switzerland with an homologation from the Agency of French Schools Abroad (Agence de l’Enseignement Français à l’Etranger, or AEFE). It is under the supervision of the Minister of Basel-Stadt Education  and of the Academy of Strasburg.