Welcome to the École Française de Bâle

This school has been approved by the Ministry of National Education and the Agence pour l’ Enseignement Français à l’ Etranger (AEFE). The school offers a unique learning environment for your children from 3 months to 12 years old.

"Little Bubble" Daycare

Offering a personalized environment to all children by respecting their pace and their development


Helping children become autonomous and gain skills and knowledge to get ready for 1st grade

Elementary school

Taking into account the plurality and diversity of children natural aptitudes. Developing thinking, intellectual reflection, a sense of observation, an inclination to experiment, creativity and imagination.

For more information or registration

How to register ? When are the school holidays at the École Française de Bâle ? What are the tuitions and registration fees ? What financial support can you get ?

The EFDB is growing

A 6th grade (6eme) has been created and new students are welcome. A broad range of projects are being led in parallel and our community is welcome to help.

Discover the French School of Basel

Founded in 1884, the Ecole Française de Bâle (French School of Basel) was the first French school created abroad. It welcomes your children from 3 months to 12 years old. Located on two sites, our school consists of a daycare, a preschool & kindergarten section (maternelle) and an elementary section. The only school approved by the Agence de l’ Enseignement Français à l’ Etranger (AEFE) in the canton, our school is also controlled by the Basle City Ministry of Education and the Strasbourg Academy. Through our quality of teaching and our openness to the world, we offer an international audience access to French culture and its educational model.

Our association

Ecole Française de Bâle is a private and associative institution. Through all its actions, our institution aims to be the benchmark in French-speaking and secular education in Basel.


Parents follow the evolution of their children. They can participate in the life of the school through the School Council.

School Principal and Educational Team

The School Principal and the educational team monitor the teaching and ensure that the pedagogical organization is up to date and consistent.

Management Committee

The Management Committee is actively committed to managing and supporting the school.

Our objectives

+ Provide an education based on human values and enable your child to do so: • to learn respect and group life • to develop self-confidence by becoming aware of the progress made • to open up to the world and awaken to critical thinking + Stimulate and reinforce the learning of the French language + Develop your language skills through weekly German and English courses. + Introduce your child to various artistic activities in order to encourage an opening to the world of art.

Our Mission

+ Welcome children of French and non-French expatriates living in Basel and its region. + Provide the official French National Education programme. + Promote cultural and linguistic openness (French, German and English)  


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Stadtlauf 2022

Cette année encore l'Ecole Française de Bâle a participé à la course urbaine de Bâle. Nous remercions le conseil des parents pour l'organisation et la gestion de notre participation à cet événement bâlois incontournable. Nos élèves étaient ravis !

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