Fees & registration

For the school year 2022/2023

Registration fee

The registration fee is CHF 500 for the first registration only.


One school year in daycare runs from September to the end of August of the following year. Daycare classes are paid monthly over 12 months according to the number of days of attendance in the week.

Monthly fees in CHF per child (meals included)

  • 1 day per week : CHF 573
  • 2 days per week : CHF 1 086
  • 3 days per week : CHF 1 549
  • 4 days per week : CHF 1 962
  • 5 days per week : CHF 2 315

Tarifs Crèche 2022-23


Yearly fees in CHF per child:

  • Petite Section : CHF 8’900.-
  • Moyenne and Grande Grande Section : CHF 8’700.-
  • Corporate Rate* Petite Section  : CHF 16’600.-
  • Corporate Rate Moyenne and Grande Section : CHF 16’400.-

Tuitions and Terms & Conditions EM et EP 2022-23
Tuitions and Terms & Conditions afterschool activities EM 2022-23
Fees Canteen 2022-23

* see Terms and Conditions on the School Fees form


Middle school – 6th grade (6ème)

Yearly fees in CHF per child

EM : école maternelle (Maternlle)
EP : école primaire ou élémentaire (Elementary school)

Special Conditions – Preschool & Elementary

We offer a discount on fees for sibling children (all sections included) :

10% for the 2nd child and 15% from the 3rd child.

Download the terms of payment and general conditions

Corporate Rates

For families whose school fees are paid by their employer.

Corporate rates include all available activities, and at your choice, from Monday to Friday from 8am to 6:30pm.

The canteen and music classes are not included, and will be invoiced separately for the families who choose them.

AEFE scolarship

For children of French nationality living in Switzerland. The scholarship application is submitted through the French Consulate in Zurich and is based on resource criteria.

Information and files to be provided by the Scholarship Service of the Consulate General of France in Zurich.

You still need to think about it?

The French school of Basel is at your disposal to answer your questions, to visit the school and meet the pedagogical team. To do so, we invite you to apply online by clicking on the button below :

Registration in 3 stages at Ecole Française de Bâle

The registration request is done online.
The secretariat will contact you to arrange an appointment with the direction and validate your registration.
Registration is final upon receipt of the registration fee.